Laboratory Cabinet with Two Sinks

SterilKleen® stainless steel laboratory cabinet with two sinks, dual gooseneck faucets, and various storage cabinets and drawers.


SterilKleen® Stainless Steel Laboratory Cabinet with Two Sinks

The SterilKleen® stainless steel laboratory cabinet is designed with a large work surface and 2 built in stainless steel sinks with gooseneck faucets.

The SterilKleen® stainless steel multi-storage casework cabinets, drawers, and sink are specifically designed to withstand the rigors and abuse of intense use in healthcare environments and other high profile industries.

The stainless casework cabinet also features one set of double cabinet doors and a single door on both sides of the cabinet creating a large easy to access storage area.

Optional features for this stainless casework cabinet include hands free motion sensor-operated gooseneck faucets, custom under cabinet shelving, and custom storage layouts.

Our products offer durability that only stainless steel can provide. The stainless casework cabinets are built with durable stainless steel hardware and pulls to endure frequent impacts, resist moisture and chemicals, and remain clean, functional, and great looking for years.

As with all of our stainless casework, the doors feature stainless steel pull handles and heavy duty hinges.

If you have a requirement for your medical casework order and don’t see it offered in the standard listing of features/options, just ask.

Made in the USA

This cabinet, like most of G2’s products, is fully customizable. These high quality stainless steel products are built in our facility in Texas. Optional features can include 316L stainless steel construction, glass viewing windows, customer specific cabinet sizing, different shelf quantities, and more. G2 offers a full spectrum of stainless steel furniture and equipment for laboratory, hospital, medical and other industry facilities.

More information about this product available on G2’s SterilKleen® line of products at

Laboratory Cabinet with Two Sinks

Model Number

Stainless Steel Laboratory Cabinet with Two Sinks

  • Model Number: GAT-LAB-SNK-348436-2-US-SS-ST


  • Dimensions: 34”D x 84”W x 36”H Overall
  • Sink Dimensions (for each sink): 19″W x 16″D x 10″ H


  • Durable 304 SS Construction with a #3 Brushed Finish
  • Two (2) Sets Double Cabinet Doors
  • Two (2) Single Cabinet Doors
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Two (2) Sinks with Gooseneck Faucets w/Wing Handles
  • Strainer Drains
  • Cabinets Configured Front Side and Back Side


  • Custom Adjustable, Removable Shelves
  • Custom Cabinet, Drawer, and Other Storage Layouts
  • Hands-Free Faucet Controls
  • Locking Handle and Other Security Features
  • Safety Glass or Solid Construction for Doors
  • Custom Work Surfaces for Special Chemical Resistance
  • Front Spill Lip
  • Side Splashes
  • Custom Sizing
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish


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