Floor-Mounted Dual Bay Scrub Sink

SurgiKleen® stainless steel floor mount dual bay scrub sink includes knee-operated actuation valves, sound-dampening features, and automatic water temperature controls


SurgiKleen® Stainless Steel Floor-Mounted Dual Bay Scrub Sink

The SurgiKleen® stainless steel floor mount dual bay scrub sink is great for intensive-use areas where high capacity scrub stations are needed. This floor mount pre-op sink is one of many SurgiKleen® stainless steel products by G2 that offer durable, custom stainless steel sink and washing solutions for our customers.

Hospital environments, university labs, medical healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical laboratories are just a few environments well-suited for this durable sink.

The 304 stainless construction is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and prevents the development of germs and bacteria.

This 16 gauge stainless steel floor-mount two bay scrub sink construction is completely seamless-weld fabrication. These sinks are available with an optional ultra-clean electropolished finish.

Our floor-mounted medical scrub sink is commonly used in wet labs, hospitals, as well as other health care and research facilities.

Knee-operated panels provide hands-free control and the intercabinet is designed with the latest in sound-deadening technology to greatly reduce the noise factor.

Providing users with a simple, convenient way to scrub down, our floor-mounted 2 bay medical scrub sink is manufactured from a heavy gauge, corrosion resistant stainless steel. It features a clean and attractive #4 brushed finish. The scrubbing sinks are fully seam-welded and built to last.

Sink Features

The floor mount medical scrub sink comes standard with two (2) wash bays, a sloped bowl bottom surface that minimize splashing and overspill, a removable PVC splash guard separating the two sink bays, and a 3 3/4” OD strainer drain with a 1-1/2” OD tailpiece for each sink.

The sink’s thermostatic mixing valve is accessible through the removable front panel and is easily adjusted. The valve automatically shuts off if the cold water supply fails, thus preventing the user from getting scalded.

The manual flow feature on the stainless medical sink has a mechanical-type actuator that flows by pushing a knee-operated front panel. The knee-operated panel activates a preset-temperature water flow, and a second push deactivates flow. Optional hands-free gooseneck faucets with built in thermostatic mixing valve are also available.

Two (2) gooseneck faucets are standard and can be converted to laminar flow by removing installed screens.


The sink is floor mounted and includes a heavy-duty bracket for securing the sink against the wall for stability. These features provide comfort and maximum usability.

Maintenance Access

This scrub sink is designed with removable front knee panels for ease of access to the sink’s interior and maintenance on plumbing and fixtures. The back of the sink is almost entirely open allowing easy access to plumbing connections.

Other Sink Versions

This scrub sink is also available in a single scrub sink bay, three sink scrub station, two sink wall-mounted scrubbing station, and three sink wall-mounted scrub station versions. We also offer many different versions with sinks installed in tables with large work surfaces and storage options and sinks installed on work surfaces with enclosed cabinets and drawers for laboratory use.

We make our products to your specifications, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Made in the USA

This sink, like most of G2’s products, is fully customizable. These high quality stainless steel products are built in our facility in Texas. Optional features can include 316L stainless steel construction, electropolish finish, customer specific sizing, automatic sensors for faucet control, and more. G2 offers a full spectrum of stainless steel furniture and equipment for laboratory, hospital, medical and other industry facilities.

Sink options…

Model Number

Stainless Steel Floor Mount Dual Bay Scrub Sink

  • Model Number: SURGI-KLEEN-2000-FM


  • Dimensions: 24.5”D x 64.25″W x 46.25”H ( 35.5″ Wash Height )


  • Durable SS Construction with #4 Brushed Finish
  • Swivel Head Goosenecks
  • Strainer Drains w/1 1/2″ Tailpiece
  • Manual Knee Operated Actuation Valves
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Removable PVC Splash Guard
  • Manually Operated Knee Pedal Valve For Hands Free Washing
  • Floor-Mounted Design
  • Removable Front Panels for Maintenance
  • Open Rear for Plumbing Access



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