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Stainless Steel Cabinets with Sinks

SurgiKleen Stainless Steel Cabinet with Sink and extended reach pre-rinse faucet front right view

Stainless Steel Cabinets with Sinks

G2 provides quality stainless steel cabinets with sinks for commercial kitchen, food processing, government, hospital, industrial, laboratory, medical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, research, and semiconductor facilities for more than 20 years.

All SurgiKleen® stainless steel cabinets with sinks are available with custom dimensions and features. Need a cut and chemical-resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE) work surface with storage cabinets, drawers, and a sink - we've built those. Need a custom corner cabinet configuration with a sink for wet processing - no problem. Want a custom stainless steel laboratory work station with sink - we've built those too! Large or small, simple or complex, we've got in-house experts to quickly design the solution for your requirements.

Made in the U.S.A.

SurgiKleen® Brand Stainless Steel cabinets with sinks are manufactured by us, G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., in our factory in Dallas, Texas. SurgiKleen® is one of the many stainless steel product brands G2 owns and manufactures.



Stainless Steel Sink Cabinet - Made to Fit Your Requirements

G2 manufactures our SurgiKleen line of stainless steel sink cabinets in our own facility. Every installation and location for a cabinet with sink is different. It is cumbersome at best to make a mass-produced, off-the-shelf cabinet fit your unique space and requirements. By controlling and performing every step of the process, we design and build your product to match your installation, not the other way around. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Your Requirements + Our Experience = Success

First, we work with you to understand your needs and wants. We help with design ideas and recommendations applying our 20+ years of experience building quality stainless steel solutions for the largest and smallest projects.

Quick, Accurate Cost Estimates

We work to provide you an accurate estimate for the planned work. Need to add a backsplash, drawers, upper cabinets, or special work surfaces - no problem. We strive to provide quotes quickly and accurately, so you can move the process along as quickly as you require. We discuss the shipping arrangement details with you through and through. This is one area where others often fail. Often we find that our customers need special handling to get a finished product into your construction site or controlled-access facility. Or, if a lift-gate or other special off-loading is required, we work to identify this information up-front so there are no unpleasant and hindering hiccups or surprise charges - it all gets quoted in the initial estimate.

CAD Drawings and Approvals

Once you are ready to proceed, we provide CAD drawings of your planned cabinet with sink. This gives you a complete view of the proposed solution. Last minute changes are no issue. We understand the even the simplest project may need changes once the visual product is reviewed. If you need to add any additional feature such as gooseneck faucets, extended reach pre-rinse faucets, additional plumbing hardware, under shelving, special spill lips, cabinet doors, easy-slide drawers, or anything else, we'll get those revisions to the drawings and quote performed and sent back to you as quickly as possible. When any necessary revisions are complete and you approve the drawings, only then do we proceed to production. 

Production Starts

After you approve the drawings and estimate, we order any materials not available in inventory, and upon receipt of the critical components, begin the build of your cabinet with sink solution.

Packaging and Shipping

The sink table is built to your specifications, and then we custom crate or package the finished product to fully protect your custom-built stainless steel cabinet with sink. We coordinate the shipping with you and the selected freight company, and your product is on its way! No waiting on overseas or import delays. No cookie-cutter, square-into-round-peg problems - just your solution, done right.  We're so sure of this, we offer a life time workmanship warranty.

Building a Better Stainless Steel Sink Cabinet

Seeking a stainless steel cabinet with an embedded sink or researching cabinet solutions for a project?  Then this resource is for you!SurgiKleen Stainless Steel Cabinet with Sink and extended reach pre-rinse faucet front left view

There are thousands of sink options presented as soon as you start searching "stainless steel cabinet sink" in your favorite internet search engine.

How do you pick the best sink cabinet for your needs? How do you know you're getting the right solution at the right price? What's important to consider before making your purchase?

To help you make the best choice when researching a cabinet with sink solution, we provide the following information to help you purchase a cabinet with sink solution that serves you well for years to come.

Considerations for Your Stainless Steel Sink Cabinet

Number 1 for first block of textCabinet with Sink Purpose

First and foremost, determine your application and any special requirements.

Does your cabinet need one or multiple sinks? Stainless steel sinks are standard, but we also build polypropylene sinks for certain chemical applications.

Handling any cleaners or reagents that require special work surfaces with chemical resistance? We offer Type 304 stainless with a brushed #4 finish work surfaces standard, but can also provide polypropylene, electropolished stainless, high density polyethylene (HDPE), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW), stainless perforated tops, or stainless rod tops for the entire, or in some cases of portion of, the work surface.

Working with heavy items that require heavier gauge steel? We use 16 gauge Type 304 stainless steel in our standard configurations. We can provide thicker gauge steel for heavier work.

Number 3 for third block of textRequired Fixtures and Plumbing

Need G2 to supply faucets, drains, and faucet controls? Gooseneck faucets, extended reach pre-rinse faucets, and more are available pre-installed or included separately with your sink table.

Are there any hands-free requirements such as automatic motion-sensing faucets? Soap or cleanser dispensers?

Do you want automatic temperature or mixing controls?

G2 supplies stainless steel fixtures and plumbing components, but can provide additional specialty products upon request.

Number 5 for fifth block of textStandard or Special Mounting Requirements

Is your cabinet with sink a free-standing configuration? Will you require floor leveling feet, floor brackets, or wall brackets for building or zoning requirements?

Or do you require clearance underneath, so a raised cabinet is required?

G2 provides all these configurations for hospitals, industrial food processing, special lab environments, and more.

Dimension RequirementsNumber 2 for second block of text

Identify height, width, and depth for work surface and sink requirements.

How many sinks and how big or deep do they need to be?

Does your space require a corner L-shaped solution, U-shaped configuration, one-wall solution, or fitment between existing cabinetry or casework?

Where are plumbing attachments located or already installed? This is especially important for existing installations.

Are there any special accommodations for clearance required (above, below, and around)?

If your sink is for an existing installation, how big are your doorways - can the sink table be brought into the required space?

Number 4 for fourth block of textAdditional Features

Need an open stainless steel shelf built underneath the work surface? Enclosed cabinet with doors? Stainless steel drawers for protected storage? An overhead stainless steel shelf?

Does your sink cabinet require back splashes, side splash guards between multiple sinks, or spill lips built into the work surface to contain liquids?

G2 can provide all these and more, contact use to discuss your requirements and we'll build these into your quote and design.


Review and ApprovalNumber 6 for sixth block of text

Once we have collected your requirements and any additional features, G2 will provide your quote for the requested solution.

When you are ready to proceed, we will provide a drawing, or drawings depending upon the complexity of your project, for your approval.

Review the drawings and submit additions, or changes, if any, and then once everything is as you require, send us your approval. Your product will then proceed into production.

We're Here to Help

We're the experts in industrial and laboratory cabinets with sink solutions. The myriad of choices and options can be daunting, but we assist by applying our 20-plus years of experience providing similar equipment in some of the most demanding environments. We stand behind every solution we manufacture with a life time workmanship warranty. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to receive a fast quote.